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    oracle.jbo.invalidOwnerException JBO-25030

      Hi, I'm using JDeveloper
      When I create an entity instance I'm having problems with this exception.
      I was reading about this and I undestood that is because a composition association, (when you have a compossition association and you are working inside one transaction you have to create first master entity, then detail entity; or using a viewlink),
      so I checked my model and I realised that I have no composition associations.

      Could view links set as 1 to * be the cause of my problem?

      How could I debug wich association / view link is causing my problem?

      <DCBindingContainer> <reportException> [650] DCBindingContainer.reportException :oracle.jbo.InvalidOwnerException
      <DCBindingContainer> <reportException> [651] oracle.jbo.InvalidOwnerException: JBO-25030: La entidad de detalle TagcotEO con la clave de fila null no se puede encontrar o invalida su entidad propietaria.

      Thank you