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    Question re: Grid Infrastructure on IBM Power7+ server - IBM HACMP

      My company is preparing to create a new Oracle RAC cluster (11gR2) on IBM Power7 hardware running AIX (either 6.1 or 7.1, not sure yet). We currently have 2 11gR2 clusters running on older hardware.

      I am being asked by IBM and our AIX sys admin about using IBM's HACMP software to cluster the hardware at the OS level. I have researched the certification matrix on MOS, and have found that we CAN do this. But I am being asked if we SHOULD do this.

      Any links to Oracle documentation and/or MOS articles on this topic would be appreciated. I have never used HACMP in any of our past clusters, and would like to avoid the additional complexity. But I need to be able to "prove" my case.

      Any and all information based on forum users' experiences will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your assistance with this question/decision.

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          When you say cluster the hardware...what exactly does that mean? What hardware?

          When using RAC on AIX with ASM, CRS will manage all of your resources. HACMP is not required and even if you did install it, then would it manage?

          CRS will manage your scan, scan vip, vip and the storage will be shared on ASM. So the question remains as to what will HACMP manage, if you wish to install it?

          AIX: Top Things to DO NOW to Stabilize 11gR2 GI/RAC Cluster [ID 1427855.1]
          RAC and Oracle Clusterware Best Practices and Starter Kit (AIX) [ID 811293.1]
          If not using HACMP then HACMP filesets must not be installed.
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            you really do not want 2 cluster managers in a RAC environment. Some IBMers think they need HACMP - they really do not. I have attempted to use that environment at the insistance of the IBM/AIX admins. It was a disaster that was corrected by removing HACMP and using only the Oracle GI with ASM shared storage.
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