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    Print using OCX non-defined but standard paper sizes progamatically  VB.net

      I would like to print from a VB.net application running the AutoVue OCX.

      These are the values that match the .setPrintOptions("PAPERSIZE", value ) method.
      A2 As String = "66"
      A3 As String = "8"
      A4 As String = "9"
      A5 As String = "11"
      B4 As String = "12"
      B5 As String = "13"

      However there is a shortfall in the values required. eg A1, A0 & B1. I know its based on the printer settings to allow for the larger sizes, we have that covered.

      What setPrintOptions calls do I need to make to set the custom paper size (-1) to the correct unit, width & height to imitate a standard size before calling printIt().
      Please note that I'm using VB .net.
      If the The AutoVue API that is Java based is suggested, please include how you use that with VB.Net.

      Is it possible?