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    Email requsition requestor when PO is approved.

      All, I was asked to modify PO approval workflow to send an email to the requisition requester (with PO in PDF format)
      when a PO is approved.

      I am really lost here. I am wondering if someone can give me some inputs. When should I start looking?

      There is a step in PO approval workflow we can send an PO-PDF email to supplier when a PO is approved.
      May be I can do something like that.

      But, I am really not sure how emails are generated in workflow.

      Is there any article/ document that explains email process in workflow or that explains how to
      generate a new email message.

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          Saroja Kandepuneni-Oracle

          You need to create a notification activity and assign the message in order to send email notification.
          You can go through the WF Developer guide for detailed steps as given in below link.

          The notification performer notification preference value should be MAILHTML or MAILHTM2 in order to receive email.

          You need to define the message attribute of type "PL/SQL BLOB" document to attach a pdf file