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    Refresh of region, apex 4.2

      I have a problem with refreshing the region of charts, when I change some item values in filter area. (dynamic action refresh)
      I'm using apex 4.2 , last week my coleague had a problem with simple refresh of region, now I have same. Is there some catch with refresh in 4.2. edition ?
      I'm using theme sapphire.

      I've recreated my problem on:


      (on page 1, and not in sample application)
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          You did not set item session state.
          In chart series you can set items to submit.

          I did that change to your example.

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            I see that item has values

            - "Unprotected" for "Session State Protection"
            - "No" for "Store value encrypted in session state"

            And submit item in chart is also added.

            But still there is no change in graph when you change value in select list.
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              Anthony Rayner-Oracle

              As Jari eluded to, you were just missing telling the Chart component which items it needs to submit to session state when it gets refreshed (eg page items that are referenced in the query source). You do this by adding any page item names, comma separated if there are > 1, in the 'Chart Attributes > Chart Series > Series Query > Page Items to Submit'. I added 'P1_X' for you on your page, and I believe this now works as expected.