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    Client_host in AIX

      We are migrating Forms 6i to 11g(On AIX)
      I replaced an HOST command by client_host as
      client_HOST('start "" "'||v_url||'/SearchMovement?label=001&appl='||'OMS'||'&clex='||:OMS_CLIENT_EXECUTIONS.IDE_CLEX|| '"',NO_SCREEN);
      When i am running the Form locally using the cmd
      HOST('start "" "'||v_url||'/SearchMovement?label=001&appl='||'OMS'||'&clex='||:OMS_CLIENT_EXECUTIONS.IDE_CLEX|| '"',NO_SCREEN);
      then it works perfectly.

      But when i use client_host then it returns sqleerm=100501.
      Kindly help me fix this