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    DSCC problem on Directory Server enterprise edition Version

      I install ldap version Version on redhat 5.6 on /opt/dsee7

      I excute:
      I have export JAVA_HOME=/opt/dsee7/jre and PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:/opt/dsee7/bin:/opt/dsee7/dsrk/bin:$PATH
      *[root@sperem ~]# java -version*
      java version "1.7.0_10"
      Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_10-b18)
      Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM (build 23.6-b04, mixed mode)
      *[root@sperem ~]# which java*
      *[root@sperem ~]# dsccsetup ads-create*
      *[root@sperem ~]# dsccsetup war-file-create*
      *[root@sperem ~]# dsccagent create*
      *[root@sperem ~]# dsccreg add-agent /opt/dsee7/var/dcc/agent/*
      *[root@sperem ~]# dsccagent start*

      I deploy the dscc7.war on glassfish.
      asadmin deploy /opt/dsee7/var/dscc7.war

      All work correctly.

      I have create one ldap istanza and i have register to dscc console with commands
      *[root@sperem lib]# dsadm create -p 389 -P 636 /opt/dsee7/var/utenti*
      Choose the Directory Manager password:
      Confirm the Directory Manager password:
      Use command 'dsadm start '/opt/dsee7/var/utenti'' to start the instance
      *[root@sperem lib]# dsadm start /opt/dsee7/var/utenti*
      Directory Server instance '/opt/dsee7/var/utenti' started: pid=9762
      *[root@sperem lib]# dsccreg add-server /opt/dsee7/var/utenti/*
      Enter DSCC administrator's password:
      */opt/dsee7/var/utenti/ is an instance of DS*
      Agent No  Hostname                Port  Owner  iPath
      --------  ----------------------  ----  -----  -------------------------
      *0 sperem.gromanenghi.net 3997 root /opt/dsee7/var/dcc/agent/*
      The registration will use DSCC agent on port: 3997
      Enter password of "cn=Directory Manager" for /opt/dsee7/var/utenti/:
      This operation will restart /opt/dsee7/var/utenti/.
      Do you want to continue ? (y/n) y
      Connecting to /opt/dsee7/var/utenti (using ldap://
      Enabling DSCC access to /opt/dsee7/var/utenti
      Restarting /opt/dsee7/var/utenti
      Registering /opt/dsee7/var/utenti in DSCC on localhost.

      The problem is:
      When i use the dscc web console i can't administer my ldap because i receive the message:
      Inaccessible (to enable access click on the server and then on ‘Enable Access’)

      *[root@sperem lib]# ps -ef | grep dscc*
      root      5452     1  0 09:39 ?        00:00:03 /opt/dsee7/jre/bin/java -Dsun.directory.clip.arg0=/opt/dsee7/lib/dsccagentdaemon -classpath /opt/dsee7/lib/jar/utils.jar:/opt/dsee7/lib/jar/dsccagentdaemon.jar:/opt/dsee7/lib/jar/dcc.jar:/opt/dsee7/lib/jar/ground.jar:/opt/dsee7/lib/jar/clip.jar:/opt/dsee7/lib/jar/common.jar:/opt/dsee7/lib/private/jdmkrt.jar:/opt/dsee7/lib/private/jmxremote_optional.jar -Ddirectory.utils.lib.path=/opt/dsee7/lib/libjutils.so oracle.ldap.dsee.dscc.agent.DsccAgentMain start /opt/dsee7/var/dcc/agent

      I try to create one new ldap istance from web dscc but i have the same problem. I try to register the ldap instance directly from dscc but i have the same problem
      With other ldap version I don't have problem.

      P.S. Excuse me for my english.