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    <af:image> and HTTPS

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      We have a static content apache server that is hosting our images. However, no traffic can hit the server unless it is https. I'm trying to use a full https image URL as an image source in the af:image component, but the image never appears, and we receive no exception.

      Any ideas?

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          Shay Shmeltzer-Oracle
          Try and use firebug or the chrome developer tools to look into the HTML generated from your ADF Faces page and see what is the HTML that was generated to your image component.
          Does it have the right src value?
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            Thanks for the reply. I actually found out that it was my fault. Previously when we were getting images from the local app server which was using http, I had a block of code that was creating a java.net.URL to verify that the image could be reached at the URL specified. However, it looks like creating an https URL causes a problem. I was catching for the exceptions, but they were not getting to my log for some reason. I just removed this check, and now the images appear correctly.