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    Serial Console for VM Manager not working

      I can't seem to connect to an SPARC VM created via the Oracle VM Manager. The serial console opens and appears to connect to a port on my local desktop machine from which I'm running my browser but fails to connect. I'm assuming VM Manager serial console uses a tunneling technology? Is there anything anyone can think of that would help me debug this session? I've turned off the firewall on my desktop and turned off iptables

      My VM's don't have IP's yet, so I can't directly ssh to them. There's a chance my VM's are bad, but I really don't know how to troubleshoot since I can't get a console. (I created these VM's from the Oracle provided templates.)

      Does anyone have any troubleshooting tips?
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          It sounds like you've installed the JTA package on the system running the manager - that's a necessary first step. The other things that can affect this include enabling popups (sounds like you have that correct too) and the combination of browser, JVM on client, and OS. I've had the best results with JVM 6 or with the very latest JVM 7 (build 21). Hope this helps, Jeff