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    How HFM email notifications works


      We are using this Hyperion products:

      HFM version
      Shared Services version

      We also have configured everything needed to send HFM email notifications, as follows:
      1. Application metadata is configured so the SupportProcessManagement is set to 'A'.

      2. Users have ALL or PROMOTE on all security classes required.

      3. Email alerts are active on all security classes required.

      4. All shared services roles are asigned, so the users should receive process control and intercompany notifications.

      5. All parameters required by EPM System Configurator had been configured.

      •     Email server:     email server ip address
      •     Port:     25
      •     Administrator’s Email Address:     emailuser@domain.com
      •     Authentication to send email:
      o     User Name:     emailuser@domain.com
      o     Password:     *********

      Note that both the Administrator´s Email Address and the user for authentication are the same.
      When we test this configuration we get this results:

      • The email server successfuly authenticate the user, but do not send the email, the error is:

      Line 25762: 2013-01-25T13:45:58.625Z,EPMMS02-03\SMTPAutenticado-03,08CFAAA7D4D4A3AB,26,,,>,550 5.7.1 Client does not have permissions to send as this sender

      We have found that even the system uses the emailuser@domain.com account to authenticate to the mail server, the email is sended in behalf of the email account configured in HFM, so it is the email account of the user authenticated on HFM who perform the action that launch the notification.

      The only way we found the email notification is sent is configuring the emailuser@domain.com address to the user logged on in HFM whose is performing the actions that launch the notifications.

      The Microsoft Exchange administrator did told us that the email server can not allow impersonation, so the is no posibility for this configuration to work.

      Can you explain if this is the expected behaviour of HFM email notifications?
      Can you suggest some workaround to this situation, any experience in this configuration?

      Your help is highly appreciated.