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    Unable to connect to oracle database using RODM


      I am trying to follow the steps described in


      but I keep getting the same error message after the
      DB <- RODM_open_dbms_connection(dsn="orcl", uid="dm", pwd="dm")
      command. The message is

      Error in typesR2DBMS[[driver]] <<- value[c("double", "integer", "character",  :
        cannot change value of locked binding for 'typesR2DBMS'

      and doing a traceback() I get

      2: setSqlTypeInfo(driver, list(double = "double precision", integer = "integer",
             character = "varchar(255)", logical = "varchar(255)"))
      1: RODM_open_dbms_connection(dsn = "orcl", uid = "dm", pw = "dm")

      Could anyone suggest some way to fix this? I am stuck and I need to get this working asap.

      Thank you very much in advance