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    Multi-byte CLOB column with Pro*C: missing documentation or example

      Where could i find a clear description of the expected in/out values when using the "EXEC SQL LOB READ/WRITE ..."?
      I cannot get this notation to work properly in all cases, when manipulating multi-byte data (UTF8) with CLOB columns.
      All references i could find refer to, either BLOB columns (not CLOB), or single-byte strings.
      And all articles are based on an example, with few explanations, like the following checkin/checkout samples:

      When trying to mimic these examples, i always meet issues:
      - the amount of data seems to be counted sometimes as bytes, sometimes as characters
      - the best i can do works well for most cases, but when entering greek or cyrillic text (i.e. all characters being multi-byte), i meet errors saying that too much or too few data is provided

      A reference documentation of these Pro*C notations (EXEC SQL LOB READ/WRITE), or an example using specifically UTF8 in CLOB, would be a great help to me.

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