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    PVM - Boot loader didn't return any data!

      Hi Everyone,

      This is my first post in Oracle Forums, so I hope doing right questions to the experts who read my issue.

      I´m working on a virtualized environment. I created and configured my "base environment" without any problem:

      - Server 1: Oracle VM Server 3.2.2 (Clustered Server Pool: "POOL HA")
      - Server 2: Oracle VM Server 3.2.2 (Clustered Server Pool: "POOL HA")
      - Server 3: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (Oracle VM Manager 3.2.2)

      The next step is create several Paravirtualized Guests (Solaris 11 & RHEL 6). I'm able to create the VMs, but the problem is when I try to start them to install the OS...simply I can´t.

      The error is as follows:

      "Server error message: Command: ['xm', 'create', '/OVS/Repositories/0004fb000003000057155a18cb654250/VirtualMachines/0004fb0000060000fe3a960fd05eb708/vm.cfg'] failed (1): stderr: *Error: Boot loader didn't return any data!*
      stdout: Using config file "/OVS/Repositories/0004fb000003000057155a18cb654250/VirtualMachines/0004fb0000060000fe3a960fd05eb708/vm.cfg"."

      I´m trying to start them as shown in the Oracle's documentation (Using mounted ISO in http, ftp or NFS). I chose the http option:

      In Server 3:

      # cd /var/www/html
      # mkdir EL5u6-x86_64
      # mount -o ro,loop /path/RHEL6.iso EL5u6-x86_64

      Network Boot Path = http://localhost/RHEL6.iso

      - http Server is working ok
      - localhost= Server3_IP

      What am I doing wrong?, some kind of parameter in default vm.cfg file is missing?

      Thanx in advance for your help!
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          You can't run Solaris or RHEL as PVMs. As far as RHEL goes, you can use OEL instead, which will - as of OEL6u3 run either as HVM or PVM.
          Solaris however won't - and cannot run as a PVM, since the kernel is not even a Linux one.

          So, if you must use RHEL, set both VMS to HVM and you're good to go.
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            Hi budachst,

            Thank you very much for reply, maybe I misunderstood but according to next link, RHEL6 and Solaris 11 x86_64 can be a PVM guest on OVM Serverx86 (My OVM Servers run on 64 bits):

            +"By default, Solaris 10 or Solaris 11 OS already has the required paravirtualized (PV) drivers installed as part of the OS"+ -Don't know if RHEL6 too.
            +" Oracle Solaris 11 supports x86 64-bit architecture only. "+

            http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E35328_01/E35329/html/vmrns-guest-os.html am I right?

            The thing now is, I can start and seeing in "running" state my VMs. But I want to install the OS and VNC screen appears in black, I would expect to see the SO screen instead. Any idea?
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              I haven't recently checked with Solaris, but maybe Oracle has done some work to it. Would be interesting, since we're using Solaris quite a bit.
              As far as RHEL is concerned - you can get RHEL to run as a PVM, but it needs some tweaking, that's why I suggested to go with OEL which provides that right from the start.

              If the screen stays black, the VM isn't actually running I guess. I often start uo the VNC connection prior to starting the VM, because I want to see the startup of the VM. However, if you're running a PVM, you won't see anything until the system starts up.
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                Thanx for your comments budachst,

                It's posible running RHEL6 & Solaris 11 as a PVM's, because I already have running both on my OVM Servers :D .
                My screen was black just with vncviewer ( I don't know why) with tightvnc I could see the desktop of my VM through its console.

                My problem has been solved.