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    Question about installation

      I installed Weblogic server 12c on a Centos 6.3 VM. After i rebooted I was unable to get past grub during the boot process. i finally had to log in as a single user as root and then if i tried to become my own user I kept getting "/bin/bash: permission denied". I finally fixed this by chmodding /bin/bash 755 and then I was able to reboot and log in as I normally do.

      Anyone know why this might have happened?
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          This could be caused by either of these:

          *1. The /etc/passwd file, which is used to check and retrieve the user information, could be syntactically incorrect.*
          *2. Check that the new user has write permission to the /tmp directory, as during startup, WLS will write files to the /tmp directory.*

          To resolve these issues:

          1. Check the syntax of the /etc/passwd file. Double-check that the entry for that user has no syntax error (such as an extra : or similar). If that looks correct, try to delete and recreate the UNIX User ID.
          2. Ensure that the new user has write permissions to the /tmp directory.

          Hope this helps you!!