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    Class StatelessJavaRpcWebService not deployed in WebLogic 12

    Jan Schreiber
      Does anyone know where the class oracle.j2ee.ws.StatelessJavaRpcWebService can be found in Weblogic server

      When running our apps, which ran in previous application server versions, in Weblogic server 12, we get errors like:

      "HTTP Error BEA-101249 [ServletContext@1715082290[app:jdprint_server_v2 module:jdprint_server_v2.war path:/jdprint_server_v2 spec-version:2.5]]: Servlet class oracle.j2ee.ws.StatelessJavaRpcWebService for servlet Jdprint could not be loaded because the requested class was not found in the classpath"

      I understood this class has been default in older application server versions.

      If I knew where to get it, I could just deploy it...
      Is this class depricated?