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    Syntax error in Makefile.in

      Makefile.in line 1105:
      checutil_sig@o@ $(DEF_LIB)

      needs a colon:
      checutil_sig@o@: $(DEF_LIB)

      Some Linux distros didn't give errors about a missing separator. Do some versions of make accept this without a colon?

      I think there's another error, an extra parenthesis in line 1015.

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          OK, there are no replies because the genuine file doesn't contain such garbage.

          It seems the files were corrupted when reading from a real USB hard drive via a virtual USB port in VMware Server. I wonder why the cp -pr command pretended to copy properly and the resulting copies were 99% correct. The other 1% contains garbage like trying to make checutil_sig a target, but the correct file doesn't do that. The number of lines in Makefile.in is correct, the number of bytes is wrong, and it's readable but 1% wrong.

          I would expect this kind of failure to be more noticeable.

          Maybe VMware Server is telling me to migrate to Virtual Box.