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    solaris 10 kernel patch upgrade

      Hi all,
      i am in a process of upgrading the kernel patch of a solaris 10 x64 machine, the present kernel patch is "5.10 Generic_144489-06 i86pc i386 i86pc" the updated kernel patch that i am going to upgrade to is patch "144501-19".
      could you please let me know if there is any special handling to undergo the upgrade or it is only sufficient to follow the 144501-19 README file?
      i know that i should put the system on the single user mode level and i have to have a valid OS backup before doing the patchadd, but if i am missing anything else please let me know

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          if you are having system filesystems (/ /usr /var ...) on software RAID1 devices, best practise is to split mirrors and have most recent actual copy of the system (or create current ZFS snapshot if using ZFS on root),patch it in single user mode or use Live Upgrade functionality and create alternate boot environment and patch the ABE on running system (you can find various info in Oracle Docs or get inspired by various blogs:http://nilesh-joshi.blogspot.com/2011/10/oracle-solaris-patching-using-live.html). I always patch kernel and other system components using PCA patching utility - have a look on project homepage http://www.par.univie.ac.at/solaris/pca/ it's really advanced and helpful tool. It can save you lot of time when solving dependecies and also downloading the patches.

          Good luck