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    Quicktime -- Kills startWebLogic.cmd

    Stuart Fleming
      I tried running weblogic soa domain (on windows 7) and it inexplicably stopped working. I gradually traced it to a section of the setDomain.env file where it sets the classpath.

      unfortunately, it the batch file dies before it reveals the error message, but it appears that a recent install of quicktime (needed for some video if I remember correctly) causes the setDomain.env to have a seizure at about this line in the file.

      if NOT "%WLP_POST_CLASSPATH%"=="" (
           if NOT "%CLASSPATH%"=="" (
           ) else (
                set CLASSPATH=%WLP_POST_CLASSPATH%

      the solution, if anyone elae has this problem, is to check the classpath. the install of quucktime placed a string in the classpath. I ended up just deleting the classpath entirely.

      this was the culprit: I also removed this from the PATH variable out of anger for ruining my evening!

      C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\lib\ext\QTJava.zip

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