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    OPS Center 12.1.3 and Oracle VM Manager 3.2.2 integration

      Hi all

      I am trying to integrate OPS Center 12c update 3 with Oracle VM 3.2.2.
      I successfully installed OPS Center (on the same OVM server); so far so good.
      When I try to discover the OVM Manager the add-assets job fails . The log says:

      DriverDiscovery - Discovered no resources for target (ovm3-manager.sinfopragmaspa.loc). (10045)
      PopulateModel - No resources found to populate. (10026)
      NetworkAssociateTask - No new network association to the Proxy Controller required. (81275)

      I tried to configure OVM Mnager credentials using HTTP on port 7001, HTTP on port 7002, TCP on port 7002, TCPS on port 7002, but I always get the same errors.

      What am I doing wrong?

      Thanks for everyu answer