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    StorageTek L40 Can't Unload Media From Drives

      I've just replaced our two LTO Ultrium drives. The new drives are being detected by the L40 library, server SCSI controller, Windows and backup software. However, when the system tries to unload a tape from a drive, the unload fails. The library places the robotic head over the drive slot, as expected, and the drive ejects the tape. However, the robotic head tries repeatedly and fails to pull the tape the rest of the way out. Eventually, the library marks the drive status as 'cartridge in' and our backup software disables the drive and marks it faulted.

      Is there some way that I can calibrate or manually align the drive and robotic arm ? I'm not a StorageTek engineer and we can't get maintenance or support. I've already made sure that the locking screw at the back of the drive is in tight and the drive doesn't move about. Here are some details:

      Library: StorageTek L40, firmware v2.15.03
      Drives: Quantum (formerly Certance) CL1101 SCSI Ultrium LTO3

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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