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    Rescheduling a To Do

      Hi ,
      I want to reschedule a to do at a particular day and time.

      My requirement is as below:

      I have a to do type of CALLBACK , which creates a to do type so that i need to call the customer.Suppose i call the customer and customer asked me to call day after tomorrow at 11 AM then i need to reschedule the to do for that time.So that to do needs to be create on that day at 11AM only.

      Can some body help me how can i achieve this functionality in CC&B ??

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          Can anybody help me on this ???

          Thanx in advance.....

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            Angel Perez

            There's no out of the box functionality in CC&B to re-schedule a To-Do entry. It's also not possible to schedule the To-Do creation in advanced or with future date/time.


            You will need some sort of background process (batch job) to create the To-Do entries, most probably custom and the data model to store your To-Do re-schedule creation, for example, some person characteristic to store the date/time information in which the To-Do has to be created. The only problem with this is that the To-Do will get created with the date/time in which the background process is run.