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    startdate/enddate enable in 11G


      we are planning to move fatwire 7.6 to 11G , but we have one question .

      we are using startdate/endate attributes for Flex assets , but 11G , we didn't see the startdate/enddate attributes .
      could i know how can enable these attributes in 11G .

      please help us

      Thanks in advance
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          in 11G if you are using the contributor UI they are on the metadata tab. If you are using the Admin UI you may need to enable 'assetForms' in the futuretense_xcel.ini to turn them back on
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            Thanks your reply . I am enable the advancedUI.enableAssetForms=true in futuretense_xcel.ini file . This attribute enable to child asset/parent startmenu in Admin tab.
            But startdate/enddate not enable in contributor / Metadata , I hope this startdate/enddate enable by other parameter in futuretense_xcel.ini .

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              A possible reason that you are not seeing the startdate and enddate could be that you have the property cs.sitepreview=disabled in the futuretense.ini. The startdate and enddate fields are used in the context of site preview.
              The possible values that the property are:
              - disabled
              Please refer the property guide for more information on this property and the values it can have.
              Locate futuretense.ini in "E:\Fatwire\CS75" Set the cs.sitepreview=contentmanagement or any other value mentioned that you feel is appropriate and restart the Sites instance for the changes to take effect.
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                Thanks very much , Now I am able to see the start date and end date in metadata in contributor interface .

                But one more question , start date i put on 5th may and end date 7th may , but this asset should not show in when am searching , but showing .
                I am doing anything wrong


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                  Thanks very much , Now am able to handle startdate and end date in my project
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                    Priya C


                    The asset expiry doesn't work for me too. Start date i gave as 5th aug and end date as 7th aug, and when i search the asset shouldn't appear  but still it appears.

                    Could you help me to solve this?