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    Calling a Standard OAF Page from Custom Oracle Form

    Pavan 909

      I have requirement to call a standard OAF page from a Custom D2K Form.

      i did not have working experience in OAF, but based on the inputs from my team, i have passed the parameters to it

      The function call is as below.
      l1_salesrep_id NUMBER :=  100006768;
           l2_Resource_id NUMBER  := 100006934;
           l3_Salesrep_name VARCHAR2(1000) :='AUTO AHO OY/TOJO-AUTO, KEMINMAA-TOYOTA AUTO FINLAND OY-564388';
           l4_Org_id NUMBER  :=127;
                 SESSION_FLAG => 'Y',
                 OTHER_PARAMS=> 'SalesrepId='||l1_salesrep_id
      But it is throwing me error
      Exception Details.  
       oracle.apps.fnd.framework.OAException: This request was not processed as the request URL %2FOA_HTML%2FOA.jsp%3Fpage%3D%2Foracle%2Fapps%2Fcn%2Fresource%2Fwebui%2FPlanSetupPG%26SalesrepId%3D%7B%21SalesrepId%7D%26ResourceId%3D%7B%21ResourceId%7D%26SalesrepName%3D%7B%21SalesrepName%7D%26OrgId%3D%7B%21OrgId%7D%26clearCache%3DY%26retainAM%3DY%26_ti%3D1092718635%26language_code%3DUS%26SalesrepId%3D100006768%26ResourceId%3D100006934%26OrgId%3D127%26SalesrepName%3DAUTO%20AHO%20OY%2FTOJO-AUTO%2C%20KEMINMAA-TOYOTA%20AUTO%20FINLAND%20OY-564388%26CallFromForm%3D%27Y%27 contained potentially illegal or un-encoded characters. Please try again by submitting a valid URL or contact your systems administrator for assistance.
      As per the exception message, my understanding is that parameters passed are un-encoded. How to resolve this/pass encoded values to the OAF page.

      Please share your valuable inputs.


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