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    Resource Hot Patching to lib directory

      In Weblogic you can put jars in the lib directory that can be used by any application running on that server.

      When we used Weblogic 9, we could also put resource files (such as .properties files) in the lib directory, and Weblogic would begin to use the updated file over an existing file that was deployed with the application. Since we upgraded to Weblogic 10, this no longer works.

      I have attempted to read about the lib directory and how jar files can be put there. (See http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11035_01/wls100/programming/classloading.html#wp1096756). However I do not see any information on if resources can be hot loaded from this directory.

      Is there a way to configure Weblogic 10 to allow hot patching of resource files in the lib directory like Weblogic 9 did? Or was this functionality completely removed from Weblogic 10?