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    Dynamic file naming for 820 outbound transaction

      Hi All,

      We have a requirement to set the file name of outbound 820 based on few fields of xml payload from the backend BPEL process. We are currently implementing batching by sending the action name in (jca.jms.JMSProperty.ACTION_NAME) property.We are using SFTP and B2b I've referenced the following http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/b2b-integrations/learnmore/tnb2b11g002-326857.pdf
      . Please share your thoughts.

      Thanks in advance!!
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          File name can not be sent from back end in your case since you are using action to send batching information.

          One possible option would be:
          1. Use the Xpath expression in the B2B console to extract and hold the information on B2B xpath variable or use CUSTOM_HEADER to send this file name info to B2B
          2. Create a transaction java call out and use InstanceMessageUtil to extract the information from Xpath variable or from CUSTOM_HEADER and populate the file name

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            Anuj Dwivedi--Oracle
            For batching scenario's filename passed from back-end is not considered. For batching scenarios, you have to provide the "Filename Format" in your partner channel configuration and at runtime B2B will automatically generate the filename accordingly. If you are working with AS2 then you may find "Filename Format" setting under "Exchange Protocol Parameters" of your AS2 channel (starting from Filename format can be specifid using any one or all of below parameters -


            If you are working with or lower versions of 11g then please raise a SR with Oracle Support to get an appropriate patch for providing filename format in AS2 channel configuration.

            For FILE/FTP/SFTP protocols, filename format setting is available in all 11g versions.

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              Thank you very much Kathar and Anuj for quick reply.