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    Cache Concept of weblogic

      Hi All,

      we have AIA connecting with external system, say Siebel,

      If Siebel changes some of its configuration we are observing that AIA also has to bounce its server for the changes to reflect.
      I dont understand the logic as why AIA has to restart if changes happens in external system.
      Are the connection cached in AIA and it continues using that?
      and if yes then what all parameter govern cache and how can we change that?
      Is there any way to clear those cache without bouncing AIA?

      If anyone has faced similar issue, please reply.

      Thanks in Advance,
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          Any input will be highly appreciated.
          We are observing huge role of cache in AIA and sometimes even after deployment or any other change to reflect changes we need to perform server restart after clearing cache and tmp. Many times this is not convenient.

          Thanks in Advance.