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STart Date

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I have this create_job


     dbms_scheduler.create_job(job_name =>'ETL_TEST_JOB',
job_type => 'CHAIN',
job_action => 'ETL_TEST_CHAIN',
start_date => '08-MAY-13 5.45.00PM',
repeat_interval => 'FREQ = MINUTELY; INTERVAL=30; BYHOUR = 6,7',
enabled => TRUE,
comments => 'Run tests for source and target data.');

The start date is '08-MAY-13 5.45.00PM', repeat_interval => 'FREQ = MINUTELY; INTERVAL=30; BYHOUR = 6,7',

It is supposed to fire once at 5:45PM, and then at 6PM and then at 6:30 PM. and then at 7PM.

I ran this select * from user_scheduler_jobs;

and it clearly indicates it is supposed to run at 5:45 PM. BUt it did not run, is there any way to find out what happened to the scheduled job,

I ran this
FROM dba_scheduler_job_run_details
WHERE job_name = 'ETL_TEST_JOB'
ORDER BY REQ_START_DATE desc; and I do not see it there as well.
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    When there is no free beckgroud job, then job is not run.
    Check system parameter job_queue_processe.
    See what is in column enabled, state in dba_scheduler_jobs for you job.
    If you are using job_classes when check if class is enabled.


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