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    Can we use XTTS (Transportable Tablespace) - CXTSYS Already Migrated to APP

      Hi All,

      upgrading/migrating our Database by using XTTS (Transporatable Tablespace) We can't use as CXTSYS already migrated to APPS_TS_TX_DATA as a part of OATM

      We are in process to upgrade/migrate our database from to and from Linux to AIX while following MOS id "1311487.1" and realized that CTXSYS schema as a part of our OATM migration process in past was migrated to APPS_TS_TX_DATA tablespace. Another MOS id "454574.1" explains that XTTS isn't supported if CTXSYS got migratd to OATM model.

      Since this is already done for our environment, so is there a possibility that we can still use XTTS for our database/migrated while CTXSYS resides in OATM model? Is there a workaround or any option to move back CTXSYS schema outside from the OATM model?

      Thanks in Advance