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    Oracle ILM assistant for Oracle EBS R12.1 application with DB

      Oracle ILM through its ILM Agent, which is a database component provides option for data archiving.

      Need to know how ILM agent can be used against Oracle EBS R12 and the options available:

      a. Does ILM assistant map to industry Compliance requirements and can we add or modify based on additional Client requirements

      b. Is this configured for all components and are the business rules (default) taken care in terms of archiving related data, if not what are the options available

      c. What are the options to archive data
      i. On Same and archive database
      ii. Other RDBMS (mysql, or open source database)

      d. Access to archived data
      i. Is archive data available from the existing application or only from backend database
      ii. Does ILM assistant provide options to access archived data (same Oracle RDBMS or heterogeneous database)

      e. Retention options
      i. Does ILM assistant provide multi tier retention options for archived data for different range (# of years)

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      Any update on my query please...?