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    No db connection when Weblogic configured for APEX


      What I want to do:

      Access the APEX application (url) using Weblogic.

      What I have:

      1) Using the Weblogic console, I see that my APEX application is availble: apex.war and i.war are with status=active, heath=OK, and type=Web Application.

      2) I have also create an administrator user for the APEX Listener through the Weblogic.

      3) I have added in my config.xml file:


      4) In the Weblogic log file I get the errors/warnings:
      SEVERE: No pool found for: http: ... 7001/apex/not-yet-configured
      May 08, 2013 1:01:48 PM oracle.dbtools.rt.web.HttpEndpointBase modApex
      INFO: No DB connection found for: /apex/not-yet-configured

      Can someone hel[ me how to solve the above error from the Weblogic log file?
      It seems that somethng is missing with the configuration.

      Can someone tell if creating an administrator user for the APEX Listener through the Weblogic is s strict necessity or not?

      Can someone explain me how to configure further the APEX Listener into Weblogic to access the APEX application?

      Kind Regards.