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    SALT and X.509 cert

    Mats Ulvedal
      Hi all,

      We need to verify a cerificate in SALT.
      Is there a way get access to x.509 object in Tuxedo/SALT?

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          Todd Little-Oracle
          Hi Mats,

          What do you mean verify a certificate? Do you mean the certificate used in WS-Security or is this some certificate embedded in the body of the SOAP request? If it is the former, SALT should be verifying the certificate. If the later, I don't think that is something for SALT to do.

          Todd Little
          Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect
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            Mats Ulvedal
            Hi Todd,

            Sorry, I was unclear.
            I guess it's a good reason for that, I do not understand everything so good to ask the right question.

            But we need to verify
            User in Subject and maybe also Issuer in the certificate is what they claim to be.

            Subject: CN=xxxxxxx.rsv.se/initials=TEST

            Issuer: CN="Name" CERTIFICATE Bla Bla

            Hope I make a little more clear.


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              Maurice G-Oracle

              this is supported although not very common.

              You will need to get in touch with us to find out how that works in details.