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    OBIEE 11G installation error


      I am trying to install 11g and I am hitting this error. Windows 64 bit. I tried cleaning up the repository by dropping it and recreating and then installing, but still I am stuck at 47% and I am getting the following message "Installation Failed" "OUI Session Failed" "invalid entry CRC(expected 0x124fe1e4 but got 0x1ed43351). Please help with suggestions.

      Thanks for your time and help.
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          Please provide OS details, its Windows 2008, Windows7 ?

          Which Install option you have selected - Enterprise ?

          Is this your first Install on the machine ?

          FYI ... OBIEE is now available.

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            windows 7, Enterprise install. Yes first install in teh machine. I have to install 11.6 as that is what we use at work and I want to match the same. Please let me know how to proceed with the install.

            Thank you.
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              invalid CRC error means like a bad file or bad extraction so try to
              Download and install OBI 11G again, and also review the following additional steps.

              1) Download the file again and ensure that the downloaded file size matches the file size expected.
              If the file is not the expected size, you may want to try temporarily disabling anti-virus software or downloading on a UNIX machine first.

              2) If you download on a UNIX machine, ensure that you FTP the file over to the Windows machine in BINARY mode.

              3) Try extracting / unzipping the software using a different unzip utility from WinZip.
              ( for example: try 7-zip ).

              4) When extracting, ensure that you have enough space to extract and also ensure that you have adequate temporary space. For the temporary space directory on Windows, review the environment variables TEMP and TMP.

              5) Ensure that the Windows user has full Administration privileges.

              if the same installer works in another machine then might be problem with your machine try to remove all the components and do a fresh install hope it might be helpful