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    Zone clustering in LDOMs

      A customer wishes to cluster zones using Solaris 10 u 11, and sun cluster 3.3. Customer has two T4-1s, each server has two ldoms. ldom-1 on the two servers has two non global zones.

      Can server1-ldom1 and server2-ldom1 cluster nonglobal zone 1?
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          1. If you want to cluster non-global zones, the global zones need to be part of a cluster. so, you need to build a cluster with the 2 ldoms (ldom1) first. Then:
          2. You have two choices:
          - you can build a failover zone using the HA Container agent - but I assume that this is not what you want
          - you can configure a zone cluster consisting of the two non-global zones in the ldom1 domains.

          This is documented here: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E37745_01/html/E37727/ggzen.html#scrolltoc
          for OSC3.3.

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