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    How to Identify Forms in Oracle Form Builder

      Hi every one,

      I am very very new to Oracle forms and Oracle Builder, how can we find the complexity of a form and also a report, I have the access to the Oracle forms builder and Oracle report builder, Can any one help me how to move further and, how to identify. It would be really great thing, If any one helps me As soon as possible.

      waiting for your suggestions.

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          Lars Sjöström
          The compexity of an Oracle Forms is usually of three types. Simple medium and complex. The simple forms are ... Simple ainenace forms, to maintain framework data in the application. Medium forms perform somewhat more tasks than just insert update and delete operations. Complex forms can look like anything.
          I would say that an application consisting of below hundred Oracle Forms forms has a 20 , 60, 20 percent in categoriesabove.
          On the other hand
          applications over hundred forms are usually, in the respect if size, more complex in nature. So there I eould say 10, 60, 30. Where ten is simple. Thirty is complex.
          Further more there is something to be said on the use of PLLs and OLBs. There name of files (!) matter. Questions are to be asked, is there a major design behind the application? How many developer teams has "touched" the application during the years. How many migration activities has been conducted? What issues have been solved during these migration activities? Are there inråtegrations with DB Or other systems involved? Complexity again increases.
          Som sorry to say, but the answer is...It depends...
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            Thanks for your response, That was some thing I dont know,

            How ever, The forms and reports are already build, I just wanted to open the forms and check for no of procedures, and number of triggers each forms and each report have, and I need to rebuild all the forms and reports using Oracle application express(APEX), So they want me to give the estimation of how many procedures, how many triggers, how many functions each have , and how to open them in oracle form builder or oracle report builder.

            Can we say i

            if form1 has 10 procedure,4 triggerrs,2 function
            if form 2 has 20 prcedure,8triggers, 5 functions
            if form3 ha 2 procedures , 10 triggers, 4 functions

            can I say form 2 is high complex, form 3 as low comlex and form 1 as middle . can you please suggest me how it should be

            Thanks again,