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    server pool virtual ip question


      I am trying to find some answers before setting a pool up becuase simply I do not want to watse time on something that will never work for us.

      Basically I have a segragated env with 1 oracle vm server which will host a platinum gateway vm.

      I have outside of that network an oracle vm manager which can connect to the oracle vm server, when attempting to look at some of the other functionality of the oracle vm system I see it is required to have a pool, however when I attempt to create the pool it states I am required to put in a virtual ip.

      And where will the ip live?

      The reason I ask is that if this is set on the vm manager which will then try and proxy, then this is a watsed effort since our intent is to shut down the vm manager after setup to control access into the segragated pool

      any help or observations on this would be apprciated
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          NM, found my answer just had to search for it a little bit differntly

          The virtual IP address is used by Oracle VM Manager to communicate with the server that is designated as the Master in the server pool. If the master changes, the virtual IP address is transferred to the new Master, insuring that Oracle VM Manager continues to communicate with the Master.
          end quote
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            Yes, that's the way it works. The server pool IP will always be active on the pool master, which is always one of the VM servers, that is in charge for that server pool.
            If, in a clustered environment, the server pool master should go down, the server pool IP is transferred to another server in that pool. This also implies that the OVM Manager always needs to be able to talk to that IP.