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    OAM 11gR2 OVD UserIdentityStore athentication fails

      Hi all,
      I have setup OVD as a Auth repo for OAM 11gR2. Behind OVD OID is the actual repo, AD will be add later. Here are some details;

      oid adapter base -> dc=oid,dc=mydomain,dc=com
      oid remote base -> dc=mydomain,dc=com

      During configuration of store in OAM11gR2 I have given User search base as : dc=mydomain, dc=com

      I am getting the following error while trying to login to my protected pages.

      <May 11, 2013 6:38:04 AM IST> <Error> <oracle.oam.user.identity.provider> <OAMSSA-20027> <Could not get user : test1, idstore: OVDIdentityStore, with exception: oracle.security.idm.OperationFailureException: javax.naming.NamingException: LDAP response read timed out, timeout used:2000ms.; remaining name 'dc=mydomain,dc=com'.>

      If I give user base CN=Users,dc=oid,dc=mydomain,dc=com then it is working fine, I cannot do that as leter user will lie in other hierarchy, so I have given the global root -> dc=mydomain,dc=com

      is this the correct way? There is no SSL setting I am using anywhere, its a dev only

      Any suggestions on how to get solve this would be appreciated.