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    setting hotspot to multi line text

      In the AutoVue 2D(dwg) hotspot, one line text hotspot works well.
      but i can't setting hotspot keyword is separated in two lines.

      this keyword is founded when i find at Find Text dialog (Edit> Find Text menu)
      so i think must be hotspot will work.

      to set multi line hotspot, how do i set DEFINITION_REGEX.
      or if multi line hotspot is not supported, how do i modify dwg files to work hotspot.
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          Hotspot handler is looking inside each text record. If the lines belong to different records this will not work.

          Try to set the regEx to any text (regEx=.*) and hover the mouse over the desired lines.

          If both lines are not highlighted, this means that they belong to different records

          Otherwise need to parse the selected lines and try to set the correct regEx.