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    AWM Adding attributes into a dimension

      I have created my SALES cube , and was able to create a report, but now the requirement has changed for the second, its using the same dimensions , but only that I have to add some new attributes in the date dimensions? Is there a way of just exporting the Date_dimensions into the RPD or I would have to remove the date dime from the cube and then re add it and then export the entire SALES Cube to the OBIEE. But then if I do that, when I paste the code into the existing RPD , its creating a new model now I would have like a SALES#1 Cube. So I now have two subject areas showing in my RPD. The SALES cube and SALES#1 cube. The only difference is the date dimension. Is there a way of merging these together without ending up with two models. I have also added some calculations in the SALES Cube on the RPD level, now the SALES#1 does not show the changes I made at the RPD level. There should be a way of merging the two RPDs, please advise.

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          nasar.ali-khan at -Oracle
          Generally, its a common thing to add new attributes and new measures into AW to support reporting.
          Whenever a new attribute or a new measure is added in OLAP, then you can manually add those olap objects in rpd ( in Physical, BMM and Presentation layers),
          instead of going through rpd import steps.

          Adding a new olap dimension or a new olap cube in rpd is a more involved process, but adding new attributes (to existing dimensions) and new measures (to existing cubes) are easier to do in rpd.

          If you still need more OBIEE help, then post your question on OBIEE forum:
          Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)

          Be concise and only ask about merging two Subject Areas of OBIEE, without mentioning OLAP.

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            Shankar Somayajula-Oracle
            If you're not customizing the rpd much after importing the olap aw into the rpd then start from scratch on an empty rpd and import the AW once again to give an up-to-date rpd with dimensions and cubes with new measures/attributes etc.

            There is no easy way to merge multiple dev versions and retain a comprehensive customized rpd (i.e. retain changes made in past versions while bringing in newer objects/changes in aw structure). The latest or last cut/attempt at importing the aw into rpd gives you the comprehensive rpd.

            If the list of changes done are simplistic or available as a set of known changes then its better to use the older rpd and incrementally update the rpd to reflect the changes (i.e. do it manually, not via import process).