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    RTF Template error

      I am having an issue with running a report in EBS using my RTF template that I created. Here is a high-level set of steps that I used:
      I am using BI Publisher and EBS Oracle Apps 12.1.3

      1. Created copy of the Concurrent Definition
      2. Added Request to Request Group
      3. Produced XML
      4. Created the RTF template
      5. Registered Data Definition (Added the same XML as a Preview file)
      6. Registered the report template

      The following are the issues I am having:
      1. When I do a "Preview" of the template - I get an "Exception Detail" error in all available formats
      2. When I run the report - it gives me an output in XML even though the default is PDF and I do see my template listed in the "Options" in the Concurrent request page

      I tried change the outputs, I double/triple checked the SHORT NAME and made sure it is in CAPS etc. Everything seems ok, I have no clue where and what I am missing.

      Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.