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    How to implement Child Education Allowance as per our requirement

    Saurabh Sonkusare
      Dear All,

      I have attached a document that contains a complex scenario of managing child education allowance. This is especially a challenge to us as we are SAAS customer of Oracle fusion global payroll. We seek any method, workaround or configuration that will help us implement this scenario in fusion payroll.

      Child Education Allowance Case Study

      Client’s Policy Statement:

      1. Each Employee having grade 6 or above is entitled to have Child Education Allowance.

      2. Employee is eligible to claim education allowance for maximum of 3 children that are below the age of 21 years.

      3. If Employee has less than 3 children then eligibility will be as per actual registered child(ren) with organization.

      4. Employee can claim amount for each child individually for a calendar year starting from 01-Jan and ending on 31-DEC. In case, employee has not claimed the amount by producing actual bill then such an amount is forfeited. (There is no carry-over of full or remaining of unclaimed amount.)

      5. Employee will be reimbursed through payroll. Payroll must maintain eligibility and claimed amount for each eligible child exclusively. While reimbursing, unclaimed amount of children cannot be combined.

      Thanks and Regards,

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          This requirement is for which country? There might be a seeded solution for child allowance for that country. Can you please check that.

          Otherwise following can be of some help

          1.You can use following DBIs to get grade name as per at level(term or assignment) you are processing your allowance.

          You would need to get these DBIs access from Payroll Access to HR formula type.

          2.To check not more than 3 children are paid children allowance in a year, you need to maintain a balance and you can get YTD value for the same
          3. You can create a deduction range using Manage Deduction Range UI to store the maximum eligible amount for a child
          3. Since you are a SAAS customer, I think you cann't create VOs on your own which you could have used to show LOV for the dependent children from person contact, create an element having multiple entries allowed yes and pass the amount claimed.

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            Saurabh Sonkusare
            Thanks for the reply.

            We have already configured this part before I raised my question.

            We are SAAS customer and do not have access to database. We are facing two challenges in order to make this functionality work.

            1. Create a value set that provides list of 3 eligible dependent on element input values. (We can cross-check these values in formula itself as of now.)
            2. How to feed and maintain balances for individual child for each employee? We need this as employee can claim partial amount throughout the year until eligibility is fully utilized.

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              1.I don't think you can attach a value set as there is no support for it now to have a value set on input value. There is one field 'Validation Source' on input value UI which could be used to mention VO path and then getting LOV on Input value. But since you cann't create VO, you cann't use this field as well.
              2.Regarding maintaining balance, since contact(child in this case) is not a context, you can't directly get that for each child. You can create three elements and corresponding three balances for each child instead of one element. And then can process element for whatever contact you want to process.