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    What's the correct formula to this?

      Hello experts,
      In one of my fact tables I need to have a calculation/formulas that will give the data for 3 months back (Feb 7 to May 7th this yeat), QTD (from April 1st to now) or CY (Jan 1st to now). So for instance I want to have cost for 3 months from Feb 7 to May 7th of this year and my fact table is "Fact - Sales Cost"."Cost".

      How do I insert the formula to so that it just gives me those particular data without going back to the rpd. I am sure there is way to use the functions. Please help

      Many thanks as always
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          In Criteria tab pull column "Fact - Sales Cost"."Cost" 3 times->fx->Filter->Select Year from Subject area and Add button 'SQL Expression' and then use year(current_year) this would be for CY.

          For other measures do the same, QTD you might need to tweak it based on your data.

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