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    Solaris 11.1 installation error

      I'm attempting to install Solaris 11.1 on a new server using the text installer. The installation goes fine until the end. The installation fails with this error in the log:

      BootLoaderInstallError: GRUB2 installation failed: (Error during Boot loader installation: /usr/lib/grub2/bios/sbin/grub-install returned error code 1. stderr was:

      */usr/lib/grub2/bios/sbin/grub-setup: error: hostdisk//dev/rdsk/c7t4d0p0 appears to contain a ufs2 filesystem which isn't known to reserve space for DOS-style boot. Installing GRUB there could result in FILESYSTEM DESTRUCTION if valuable data is overwritten by grub-setup (--skip-fs-probe disables this check, use at your own risk).*

      This seems like an odd error. Of course there's a ufs2 filesystem on the disk! Isn't that the whole point? :)

      When installing, I chose the "use the whole disk" option. I also tried manually partitioning but that didn't make any difference.

      Any ideas on how to get around this?