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    need help with coding, creating a zeropoint exception...

      OK, I need some help, been all around google trying to find my answer... and I figured, why not just ask people instead? My situation deals with zero point... I have an issue where when my computer program equals zero, it starts to send a command to the camera and the camera ball starts going erratic. I want to try and refine the code so that when the camera goes to zero point, its initial stage or beginning before I apply functions to make it move, it goes to, say, (0,1) instead of (0,0) I think, after browsing google, the code segment I am looking for would look something like this:

      if (Nadir=0)
      zeropoint= true
      then act ()
      ... move to (0,1)

      I am assuming once the camera goes to its standby spot, (0,0) it reaches its zeropoint, and that makes the program divide by zero, thus making it erratic... I want to make it to where once it goes to its zeropoint, the program says, no, go here to prevent the error of dividing by zero... is it possible?

      I am not the best with java, just tried learning through SEVERAL websites on google... if anyone could help refine my segment... then I can plug into the default java the program provided... I kind of understand how to read it, but the actual coding is what screws me... thank you so much!