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    How to substitute host, textio, get_file_name with FMA

      Hi all.

      I'm using Forms11g rel2.

      I want FMA to replace host for client_host, textio for client_textio and so forth.

      To my understanding all i have to do is add a search / replace tag like this:


      When i run FMA, form module is touched but no replacement of my custom tags.

      What's wrong?.

      Best regards, Luis ...:)
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          There's a little more too it that what you describe. In order to use the WebUtil CLIENT_TEXTIO method you have to configure your system to use WebUtil. For the most part, WebUtil is is preconfigured with Forms 11g, but you have to download the Java Communication Bridge (JACOB) from SourceForge and complete the configuration steps necessary to use JACOB.

          Search the Forms Help System on WebUtil and print out articles: "Configuring WebUtil," "Runtime Setup Checklist" and "Using WebUtil in Your Application." Everything you need to know on how to complete the configuration and to implement WebUtil in a form is included in these articles. There are additional articles that are worth reviewing as well, but these will get you started.

          Is the FMA the Forms Migration Assistant? If yes, then no - it does not handle converting HOST|CLIENT_HOST and TEXTI|CLIENT_TEXTIO because you have to complete the WebUtil configuration as I mentioned above.

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            I'm aware of webtuil config which i've done already.

            My question is a simple substitution string: change host for client_host for example.

            All the Webutil use will be done later.

            For some reason it does not change anything.
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              There is more to implementing WebUtil then just referencing the Webutil package name and method. There are other dependent objects that must be included in your form that will use WebUtil. If you blanket replace all calls to HOST with CLIENT_HOST you will get a compilation error unless you have also attached the webutil.pll. Additionaly, your form needs to have the WebUtil Object Library subclassed for it to function correctly during runtime. This was part of my point when I stated you needed to complete the WebUtil configuration. Sorry, I could have been more clear on this.

              If you have a lot of forms that need to be updated, you can use the JDAPI Java tool to modify your forms.


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