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    Get Windows user name in APEX

      Hi, I am following this blog by Jason for doing NTLM authentication.

      Initially the page sentry was satisfying the condition
      if utl_raw.cast_to_binary_integer(utl_raw.substr(l_raw,14,1)) != 130 then

      I applied the registry fix mentioned in blog http://ppalakollu.blogspot.com/2009/04/ie-8-ntlm-authentication-on-windows.html

      Now the page sentry function always satisfies this condition and returns nobody as user. If comment this condition out it gives user as '\'
      if utl_raw.cast_to_binary_integer(utl_raw.substr(l_raw,9,1)) = 1 then

      Is this solution still valid? Can it be used for client with Windows 7? Does latest version of APEX has anything builtin now.

      Our environment
      Oracle 10g
      Oracle HTTP server
      Apex 4.1
      Windows 7
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          Dear Experts, no one has any input on this?