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    checkbox2 based on a table column.. what to insert in list of values?


      I am learning about the use of a tabular form based on a SQL,this is a beginner's question:

      From the example in the manual,
      select APEX_ITEM.CHECKBOX2(1,empno) "Select",
      from emp order by 1
      From what I gather,this means that if a row is selected in the form by clicking in the
      checkbox,the value of empno is stored in the array g_f01.

      If 5 rows were selected, then the array g_f01 has 5 members each with a value of the
      corresponding emp in it.

      However at the report level, we need to specify the list of values for the checkbox.

      I thought that if I left the list of values blank,empno will be stored in the array by default.
      In fact,null is stored in the array. If I enter empno,0 in the list of values,it stores the literal

      Question: what exactly do I put in the list of values to have it store the emp values?