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    MSSQLServer2000 to ORACLE 10g


      My sqlserver version is "Microsoft SQL Server 2000 - 8.00.2039 (Intel X86)".

      My sqlDeveloper version is "sqldeveloper-",it includes jdk.

      My ORACLE version is "Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release ".

      After i unzip the sqlDeveloper,installed jdbc driver for sqlserver.then i can connect with oracle and sqlserver.

      I created a migration project and created a Migration Repository.

      When i begin to migrate the database from sqlserver to the Migration Repository in oracle .

      In step 4, i selected the connection for sqlserver which i want to migrate it to oracle.

      After step 4 ,in step 5 ,when i want capture the database to migrate.

      The problem occured, in the left selectedbox there is no database for choosing,it is empty.

      I don't know how to solve it.

      Thanks everyone
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          i have migrated success once,from sqlserver to oracle(the same version sqlserver and oracle).

          At that time , when i created a new connection for sqlserver ,in the sqlDeveloper sqlserver tab ,

          there is a retrieve database button,but this time there is no this button.

          i don't know if this is the reason, and how to solve this .
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            What's your JDBC version and what's your SQL Dev version?
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              My jdbc version is Driver JDBC for MS SQL Server "jtds-1.2.jar";

              My SQL Dev version is "sqldeveloper-".

              I have solved this problem, i copied the jtds-1.2.jar into the folder named "jlib".

              And its path is "F:\ProgramFiles\sqldeveloper-\sqldeveloper\jlib".

              Perhaps the jtds-1.2.jar could not in other places.

              Then i can find the button retrieve database,and i also can capture the source database in the step 5.

              Thanks all the same .