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    Multiple values for single column in Target

      Hi all,

      I have 4 columns in target of my interface like stu_id, name, sub and sub_complexity. I have stu_id, name and sub values form source but I need to hard 3 values for sub_complexity for each subject.

      For example if the values are stu_id =1 , name= david, sub=eng then I need to have sub_complexity as eng_tough , eng_moderate and eng_easy .

      exactly like this

      stu_id =1 , name= david, sub=eng sub_complexity=eng_tough
      stu_id =1 , name= david, sub=eng sub_complexity=eng_moderate
      stu_id =1 , name= david, sub=eng sub_complexity=eng_easy.

      Can any one help me how to code this in ODI target. The values can be hardcoded.