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    How to 'move' databases from one server to another

      Hi there

      Here is a brief description of my assignment.

      We have two Redhat Linux 4 64-bit server where two Oracle 64-bit database are running (one on each server).
      <li>DB on server1 is using Filesystem for storage.
      <li>DB on 2nd server is using ASM.
      <li>Size of both is between 75-80GB.
      <li>I have to move both the databases to new servers (same platform) with minimum downtime.
      <li>There is no upgrade required during this move/migration. Both DBs have to be brought over as-is.
      <li>The new servers may be on VMWare - I am not sure it at the moment. But please let me know if that will make any difference.

      I would highly appreciate if someone could please provide me with some high-level guidelines to perform this move.

      Best regards