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    Task on Exadata

      Dear Expert,

      I am new to exadata and I have get one opportunity to work on it

      Tasks need to performs are

      1) Post Installation check list ie: How can I see every things are installed correctly.

      2) upgrade the exadata OS version .

      3) Upgrade the Database.

      4) Test Migration from Oracle database to Exadata.

      5) Right now there RAC servers are installed without domain, I need to add domain name to existing RAC.

      Thanks in advance , is there any helpful documents to follow and perform easily.

      Sher khan
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          Oracle will install Exadata at your site for you. They will ask you for extensive documentation (re: networking) and use that to build a configuration template that they will give to you once they've finished. The installation includes passing (if I remember correctly) about 28 different checks.

          To upgrade the Exadata Storage Server software, Grid Infrastructure and Database, you should be able to find the relevant documentation in MOS (depending on your version).

          Testing whether the migration is successful would be something that you would have to figure out locally. Going back to (very basics), you could always check the registry for errors, check for invalid objects, check for total object count and do checks of the data in your application tables.
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            As a start point you can read about "exachk" utility as for you first question.
            For OS and DB update it's very useful to follow 888828.1 on metalink.
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              Thanks all for support.

              As I have mentioned in first point, post installation check list.

              I want to explain:

              The exadata servers are installed by oracle and is ready. Now as a DBA I need to verify everything's are ok, what are things I need to confirm. I am new to exadata any helpful book or URL go to through to find some initials commands with meanings.

              I need to upgrade exadata OS.
              also needs to upgrade database version from to

              Thanks again.
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                'Exachk' will do all necessary checking for you and generate a report which is very much readable.

                The document I've mentioned describes you all processes of how to update OS and DBs with links to other docs as you need.

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                  Using 'exachk' is a very good idea. Oracle will run exachk after they've installed the system, but you can always run it yourself to verify (it's easy enough).
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                    marksmithusa wrote:
                    Using 'exachk' is a very good idea. Oracle will run exachk after they've installed the system, but you can always run it yourself to verify (it's easy enough).
                    Oracle also strongly recommend you run exachk on your system on a regular basis - at least once per quarter. Be sure to download a fresh copy of it each time you run as it is updated frequently. It is also recommended to run exachk a week or so before any planned maintenance (like software upgrades, patch installs, etc) so you have time to address any findings/recommendations. And also run it again at the completion of any planned maintenance to ensure that patches/updates have installed successfully and all recommended settings remain in place. Note 1070954.1 is the place to go.
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                      I recently wrote a blog about exachk. It is a great tool.




                      Exachk – Oracle Exadata Diagnostic Tool | Mehmet Eser's Oracle Blog